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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Failing to write

I am failing to write anything that I can live with to either of the Windsors tracks, despite listening to the music on my headphones on the walk to work.

I may have to confess that I can't add any decent vocals to these tunes. Wouldn't this be better than ploughing ahead and offering something I don't feel is right?

Usually I don't give up easily, but part of being an experienced as an artist is that you hope you have learnt to be selective in how you spend your creative time. And if something really isn't working I am probably better off pursuing something else. At least for a while.

I wonder if I will ever return to these tracks though, I really think my vocals wouldn't be right on either tune.


  1. Don't speak too soon ... I worked out something that I'm half happy with after all on my way to work this morning ... I shall now have to eat one of my hats.

  2. Make sure you only eat one - they are v fattening!

  3. I might post one of the demos on myspace shortly to give an idea