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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Natalie Merchant - Leave Your Sleep (2010)

Listening to NM's new album ... not sure what I think of it yet. It's a long one. Twenty-six tracks, I'm only four in. A celebration of writers and writing. I liked the track 'Vain and Careless' which Fiona Talkington played on Late Junction. It's a setting of a Robert Graves piece. I'm a big fan of Graves however unsettling he may be at times ...


  1. I've heard about half the tracks now, and I'm strongly impressed with her taste in lyrics and accompaniment, as well as with her voice. I knew her name, but had not listened to her singing closely before this album came out. You would enjoy the videos of the performances she gave to a TED conference a few months ago.

  2. I'm really impressed now. I've been listening to more of the album and I also appreciate her taste in lyrics and accompaniment on the album. Her voice and delivery is very strong. It's such a full album, there is so much material here to return to.

  3. I shall look out for the videos you mention if I can find them, do you have a link? I've seen some videos on youtube, very good indeed.