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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

12 Bar - tastic

Another very lively session at the 12 Bar, Denmark Street! I love playing this venue. It's so photogenic too, I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures my friend Sarah took on her new digital camera. I played in the front bar and Helen McCookeryBook played on the main stage.

Earlier in the afternoon we had a very nice afternoon's rehearsal for a Cowboy themed evening from the Desperado Housewives on 9 September at the Montague Arms in New Cross. I wrote a new song which sounds like an old delta Blues, called 'Old Ned' about a broken down horse who is off to the knackers yard.

Kath and Helen had wonderful cowboy songs already written and we worked out some extra parts to them. I hope I have made enough notes to follow what we talked about. I'm listening to the songs back now and trying to remember what we agreed! Oooops, one's memory is so shakey sometimes! Still, I'm sure it will be alright in the wash.

When a cowboy, loves a cowgirl ... etc etc - lovely!

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