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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Power to the Palatine

While walking along the tow path to Mile End, who should cycle past me but my old friend from London Metropolitan University, when I used to work in the Students' Union, Rhys Rose. He was going very fast, with all the gear ... black lycra all over and looking very fit, and late for work. Just had time for a hug and for him to tell me he was having a launch for his new pub, The Palatine, in Stoke Newington on Saturday. It's the old 'Satchmo's', 97 Stoke Newington High Street.

I tottered over after work, and had a very pleasant half a wheat beer in that fine new establishment. Rhys has lots of ideas for showcasing artist work and for using the very fine space for acoustic performance. Licence problems means that we can't have proper band nights there - yet - but who knows what the future might allow, once he's built up a good reputation for a trouble-free night spot. If you're passing by, drop in for a coke or a whisky or whatever you fancy - and if you're a London based artist and would like to display your work, you can get touch with Rhys.

Matty and I were particularly taken with the dance floor, and couldn't resist wanting to try out a few steps. I can't wait till we have a proper dance together but he hasn't quite fixed my portable 78 player. Of which more later.

On an aside, it was nice to be out in Stoke Newington. Matt is just reading Edgar Allen Poe's short stories, and he lived in Stoke Newington as a youngster in London.

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