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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Googling myself

I guess I do google myself a bit, to see if there's any new reviews that come up for 'Doodlebug Alley' mostly. And I do laugh at strange combinations of my names. This one tells a story ...

Muogammar Nature Reserve Discovery Season
I will be on a train that arrives at Cowan Station at 9:36am, the next train ... “ friend from the netherlands is over, will see if i come ”. Jude Manik ...

Adventures in the Australian bush are going on as I google, stuck in front of my computer. It's time to get out and have some real life adventures myself.

1 comment:

  1. Jude, my childhood home had a Cowan cooker - did you know there were such things? I doubt there are many left today - but that's what the name Cowan means to me. In fact I'm going to Google Cowan cookers immediately after this comment!

    Oh darn, I just remembered your suggestion of what to write about. i spent ages wondering wht to write about today, too. Oh well - soon!