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Monday, 16 August 2010

Hot milk and figs

I do really enjoy a cup of hot milk in the evening. I'm drinking one now while eating a peach off my peach tree and an apple off my apple tree and thinking how wonderful it is in this little patch of land.

Earlier today I ate fig rolls for breakfast. Apparently they were an ancient Egyptian snack and later physicians thought they were really good for the digestion and so were a good treatment for lots of illness. According to Wikipedia, a Mr Charles Roser patented a machine which inserted fig paste into a dough. They're great as they are not really a biscuit and to my mind they make a nice change from the old office biscuit.

I would like to plant a fig tree this autumn. I expect they grow quickly compared to many other fruit trees so I can probably get away with planting a small one and then urging it to hurry up and bear those yummy figgy parcels by serenading it gaily. Is this right?


  1. I ain't got a figgin' clue, Jude! Fig rolls are something that, as a non-fruit eater (with the odd exception) I can just about manage to polish off. In other words, they are rather a good thing!

    PS: Thanks for the commission - I'll do it when i get the chance - might be a day or two as I'm out tomorrow night and staying at my Mum's!

  2. I can't wait. In fact I want to go right now. And then a shower and bed.